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We will be on Holiday from 11/04/2024 - 29/04/2024 Thank you very much. Free postage on all item, no postage will be charge on checkout.
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Like so many great business ideas, Watercircle began in the home.

Back in 2010, my wife and I were given an alkaline water filtration system by her family. The pre-filter unit was a twin-bench top water filter. I was hesitant to install the system, since I didn’t think Sydney’s water required filtration. But I installed it nonetheless.

My old alkaline machine

After a year, I realized that I really disliked the chlorine smell that came with water from the tap. I became an advocate of water filtration systems. However, I wasn’t really happy with the Alkaline machine filtration system I had. Eventually, I disconnected it and only used the twin filters. I was compelled to find the filter that fitted my filtration needs exactly.

Twin Bench top unit

There were a couple of issues regarding the twin filters I was using. Firstly, the replacement filters were expensive if I purchased them individually from a store. Secondly, I could not guarantee the quality of filters that I ordered on eBay, even though they were cheaper.

As a result, I began researching water filtration and the filtration systems currently on the market. In 2016, I created Watercircle, to produce my own water filtration systems. I began looking for ways to create the best system possible.

I decided that my first main product line would be a quick-change cartridge water filtration system. And also, a twin-bench top unit (similar to the one on my original filtration system.) I wanted to create a high-quality product that, once installed, would become an essential part of the customer’s life.

First product, quick change system

In 2017, I began the process for a watermark certification for Watercircle. It’s a complicated process that took almost year, as I got to grips with the principal and the procedure of the Watermark standard.

At this time, Watercircle was a part-time project in addition to my full-time work. Other matters took precedence for the rest of 2017 and 2018, so progress on Watercircle was slow.

However, I was able to launch a new project in 2019 which I intend to have completed in 2022. The lockdown in 2020 gave me extra time to focus on Watercircle and the creation of its website.

Watercircle is a small company, but intently focused on its goals. Dedicated to providing a superior water filtration system, with an emphasis on material safety and performance. Every day we are growing, improving and designing new products so our customers are 100 percent satisfied with every product and service we provide. 

Our products are made to exacting specifications. We work closely with our factories and testing laboratories to foster long-term, trusting relationships. We utilize only the best materials, parts, and media for our products. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Kindest Regards