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Activated Carbon Block (FAQ)

Frequently asked topics about activated carbon blocks:


Raw materials (Coconut carbon VS normal carbon).

100% Coconut based carbon is more porous hence it has a better absorption and produces nicer taste filtered water. 100% Coconut carbon block is hard to be verified, hence we choose an ISO certified factory.

We still sell our normal carbon block cartridges (made from wood, charcoal or bamboo) as it has its own value and is still widely used across industries or as pre filters.


100% coconut carbon activated carbon block produces nicer and fresh filtered water and no after taste. After taste usually caused by the water quality or most frequently is because of lower quality carbon. Meaning it is not 100% coconut carbon. It is hard to verify whether the carbon is 100% coconut carbon, so many factories actually buy a pre-made carbon block, wrap, and sell them, hence sometimes even so-called factories are misled by their own supplier.


Quality of a carbon block is measured by two factors, absorption level and capacity. A performance test results will show how both factors correlated to each other.

Although in real life performance might vary depending on the quality of the water, the lab result is still a very good indicator of the quality (provided the report is genuine and produced by a reliable lab). Please also have a read at Stoma density test section below.

NSF certification.

For us, NSF certification is crucial because we need to be sure. After all, we are in the water purification business. The end product (whole unit) has to be tested and certified by NSF, not just the parts or raw materials. Every product claimed to be NSF approved will have a certificate and test report from NSF whether from the factory, or the brand itself, either are acceptable.

Reason: Carbon block is made of a lot of parts which are processed with chemicals, from powdered activated carbon, binder (polyethylene), plastic caps, silicone rubbers, mesh layers etc. NSF standard is our safety blanket, we need to make sure it is material safety tested.

Stoma density test.

We upload a video on YouTube showing stoma density test, conducted at the factory using 10”x4.5” carbon block showing the consistency of density of the pores.  And also, methylene blue test, showing how the carbon removes some colour. Please note, some sellers will only show you 1 or 2 litres filtration of methylene blue which appear to be all clear.

Chlorine and Chloramine (Monochloramine).

Chloramine is the latest chemical added to our water ON TOP of chlorine and it stays on the water for much longer. I won’t discuss the health effects of these two chemicals here as it will take another page to do that.

Not all states in Australia are using chloramine (yet?).

But we know that chloramine is now used as disinfectant for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne water.

To remove chloramine, you need a special carbon (catalytic carbon), a normal carbon block can’t be categorised as chloramine removal. Catalytic carbon has the highest chemical absorption, meaning it removes both chloramine and chlorine. It has the highest performance in chlorine removal compared to any other carbon.

We do sell catalytic carbon block cartridges. You can get them from our ebay store or our website.


Useful links for Chloramine for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne water:

(please copy and paste as Ebay won’t allow any external links)










Our carbon filter is pre washed by acid (totally safe), to remove the water-soluble ash. This process will lower the total ash content. It is desirable for treating drinking water. Please note: you will still need to soak and flush the cartridge before used (it will be minimum waste water) and we always recommend soaking and flushing. Not just flush.

Binder (Polyethylene)

There is no such binder (glue) that will improve absorption rate by 10-fold as claimed by other seller. It is the raw material and MOST importantly is how the carbon block being CRAFTED, that has the biggest impact on its quality.